SGS Sci-tech Development Co., Ltd is a diversified and international integrated modern agricultural group, which is devoted to providing globalized premium products and services. Centering on husbandry, the company has formed a complete system in terms of plantation, processing, process, export, sea tran…

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Mainly from North America, Europe and other countries


Alfalfa is a generic term for alfalfa.  It's livestock feed.  It is a perennial flowering plant.  One of the most famous is alfalfa as pasture.  Alfalfa is a perennial legumino



Longer span means more weight, which means deeper wheel tracks. The wheel track is affected by the ground pressure ( i.e. tire pressure, plus 2 PSI [0.1 bar ], plus tire width and tread texture ), rather than by the weight of the span. The weight of the 66.7m long span is similar to that of the shorter span.



The variable rate irrigation ( VRI ) technology provided can achieve the most accurate irrigation effect. Using a combination of hardware and software, Valley® VRI patented technology allows you to customize the water application scheme according to terrain information, soil data maps, yield data and other user-defined information. According to your VRI settings, only apply water where needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply water to unnecessary places in farmland, such as ditches, canals, buildings and marshes.


Focus on agriculture/husbandry, be devoted to the large-scale agricultural development in China.

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The biggest characteristics of SGS different from other suppliers is the upstream grass and agriculture sifting mechanism. Through the constant field investigations and strict sifting for many years, SGS selects the most excellent alfalfa plantation farmland in the North America and Europe for the Chinese clients. The alfalfa of these farms may be reputed as “Hermes in alfalfa”.
All the alfalfa sources of SGS come from North America and Europe. Their excellent geographical positions, climatic conditions and sufficient water sources ensure the premium stability and sufficient supply of alfalfa.
We have the mature logistics distribution system at home. It may provide reasonable and timely distribution service according to different distribution demands of clients. At present, we have the service motorcades and distribution staff in the main ports to serve the clients.
After the alfalfa is sent to the domestic client pastures, the after-sale team of SGS will trace clients’ use conditions of each batch of commodities, and timely deal with the opinion feedback of clients, so as to master the actual demands of clients immediately.